It's Settled: The Ametros Podcast

It's Settled. Ametros is Doing a Podcast!

June 07, 2021 Ametros
It's Settled: The Ametros Podcast
It's Settled. Ametros is Doing a Podcast!
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Shawn Deane, General Counsel of Ametros, launches our new podcast, touching upon its inspiration and the common threads of humanity and empathy that connect all of our guests. Our podcast is told through compelling interviews of those injured at work or in an accident, their loved ones, as well as the insurance professionals who serve them. Follow our podcast so you don't miss our first episode dropping in July!

Ametros is changing the way injured individuals navigate healthcare by providing them with post-settlement medical management tools for their settlement funds. Ametros helps drive more simplified, secured, and supported settlements and saves money by working closely with injured workers, insurers, employers, attorneys, and Medicare to create a seamless experience.

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Podcast Creators

Melanie Salmeron, Podcast Producer and Editor

Shawn Deane  0:18 - 3:16

It’s Settled! Ametros is doing a podcast. My name is Shawn Dean and I'm General Counsel here at Ametros and I've been in the legal, workers’ comp, and insurance space for well, for quite a while, going on fifteen years. And I guess in particular, I've been involved pretty heavily in the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) industry, with things like Medicare set asides (MSAs) and that's initially what brought me to Ametros. But personally, I was drawn to Ametros given the work they do for injured people after their settlement.

See at Ametros, we help people manage and administer their medical funds post-settlement, and that's what we do at our core but there's really so much more. There's a human element to it dealing day in and day out with people who need our help, and I didn't get a lot of visibility really into that area on the Medicare Set Aside side of things. So, coming to Ametros I wanted to make a difference in people's lives whether directly or indirectly and almost two years here at Ametros, I've gotten to do that. I've had the privilege to meet with injured individuals and their families and the opportunity to talk to so many people in the workers’ comp services delivery side. And the common thread there is that everyone wants to help people. And oftentimes when a work comp or a bodily injury liability case gets settled, it’s sort of the last you hear of it. And long after a claims adjuster, attorney, or nurse case manager is out of the picture, an injured individual and their family are still left to deal with the pain and the struggles of that claim and settlement. 

 And that’s where Ametros comes in. But it's more than just managing and administering those funds, it's listening, it’s connecting with them and their families; it's acting as an educator and sometimes an advocate, and most importantly in my mind though, it's making them feel dignified and valued as a human being. They’re not a claim number or docket number, it's really about making them feel human. And this element of humanity got us thinking about Ametros doing a podcast, because we want to tell the stories of injured people and those folks in the industry helping get cases settled and delivering services to those injured folks. So, it's settled! Ametros is doing a podcast. And as it's host, I welcome you all to a place where we can candidly discuss the humanity of injured individuals and tell their stories, talk about the good work professionals are doing in the insurance and work comp industry, and some of the issues around claims and settlements. So, I welcome you all to It’s Settled: The Ametros Podcast, and we couldn't be more excited to bring you these stories. So please visit, that's, or you can follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, for more information about Ametros and on upcoming episodes of It’s Settled: The Ametros Podcast.