It's Settled: The Ametros Podcast

Kristen Chavez on Changing the Narrative of Work Comp

April 26, 2022 Ametros Season 2 Episode 10
It's Settled: The Ametros Podcast
Kristen Chavez on Changing the Narrative of Work Comp
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How did work comp become such a misunderstood system and underrated career? When its sole purpose is to help those who are injured after a workplace accident, why do we find ourselves overcoming many of the negative stigmas surrounding this system today? Even one of the most famous modern-day cartoons, SpongeBob, aired an episode where an injured worker leverages a workplace accident as an opportunity to ‘blackmail’ the employer (The Krusty Krab in this case).

People often meet the world of work comp when they are injured on the job. In this episode, Kristen Chavez, President of Kids’ Chance of California discusses how she found her calling in work comp and shares how it led to a purpose-driven and compassionate career. She discusses changing the narrative of work comp, why someone would want to start a career in it, and the impact work comp initiatives can make for injured individuals and their families. If you’re curious where you can make a positive impact in your work comp career or wondering if work comp has an opportunity for your skillset, this conversation is for you.

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